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Happy Cow processed cheese in portions is especially soft and creamy. Exquisite ingredients enhance the cheese, ensuring a mild and piquant flavour.
Champignon, salmon, ham, paprika, cream, natural, pepper, low fat

Happy Cow portions are available in round boxes of 140g, 120g and 360g.

Finest processed cheese in block form with a perfect consistency to cut and enjoy.

Happy Cow processed cheese in tins is especially soft and creamy, making it particularly easy to cut. This cheese is specially designed for consumption in (sub-)tropical countries. Our Happy Cow tins are available in the sizes 85g, 113g, 226g and 340g.

High-quality processed cheese slices made using only the finest ingredients.

Natural, light, sandwich, toast, burger, Cheddar, Alpine, Mozzarella, Emmental Cheese, Tilsit, Gouda

Our Happy Cow slices are offered in 150g and 200g, above that catering packs of 400g and 800g are available. All slices are individually wrapped.

This traditionally smoked cheese is offering a mild, piquant aroma. It is very soft and can be cut easily.

This creamy speciality with made from daily fresh milk and is available as "natural", "with herbs" or in a low fat version.

It has a smooth and creamy texture and is easy to spread. "Happy Cow" creamcheese is distributed in cups of 150g.

A high-quality hard cheese with a mild, natural aroma produced with the purest Alpine milk. The milk for this cheese is daily collected from farmers of the Salzburg region.

Happy Cow Ememntal is available in portions of appr. 300g, blocks of appr. 2,5 kg and appr. 5 kg as well as grated in bags of 150g.

The taste of best-quality haymilk from the Alpine Foreland, the delicate recipe, thoughtful preparation and a special maturing process of at least six months – these are the ingredients making this mountain cheese so rich, aromatic and spicy in taste.

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